An Immigration Plan The Democrats Hate

Creating an immigration program that favors U.S. citizens being comfortable in their own jobs market is the way to go.

Creating an immigration program that keeps a 5% demand for employees in the jobs marketplace would increase wages to U.S. citizens through demand for employees, flood the U.S. treasury with more money due to low unemployment and higher wages, give U.S. citizens the opportunity to jump from job to job until they find employment they are pleased with.

Legal immigrants could only fill jobs that can't be filled by U.S. citizens after the employers made a reasonable attempt to find U.S. citizen employees at a fair wage. Legal immigrants would have to exit the U.S. before their work visa expired. No immigrants on travel visas would be allowed to work.

Employer demand for employees would be kept at 5%. If the demand went up to 6% more work visas would be issued. If the demand went down to 4% the government would stop handing out work visas.

"NO AMNESTY!". Illegal Aliens exiting the U.S. would be replaced by new immigrants entering the U.S. on the new immigration plan.

ESTIMATING EMPLOYER DEMAND: That would have to be worked out. One way would be to compile the employer requests for employees from the state employment agencies. Another would be to anaylize the requests for unemployment benefits. Boxes could be added to the employers quarterly tax payments that they could enter the number of employees hired, quit or fired and expected positions going to be open during the following quarter. All of these functions could be combined so an estimated demand could be calulated with a margin of error. Other functions can and will be created to add to the estimated demand. It would work out well once implemented.

Illegal aliens here now must not be rewarded with amnesty for breaking U.S. immigration laws and entering the U.S. illegally then taking advantage of U.S. hospitality.

ILLEGAL ALIEN REMOVAL Illegal Aliens would be given 1 year to come forward and apply for a 2 year work visa. After 1 year work place enforcement would begin and employers would be required to use E-Verify to ensure all their employees were legal to work in the U.S.. The illegal immigrants would have 2 years from the date they received their work visa to exit the U.S. and employers would be required to end their employment when the work visas expired. In this 3 year time period new immigrants would be issued work visas for a 3 to 4 year period under the new plan to replace the exiting immigrants that came into the U.S. illegally. New immigrants would be screened for pregnacy and criminal activity by the border patrol and not the INS. Women and their boyfriend/husbands would have to show up for a visual pregancy inspection every 3 months at a border patrol or ICE office that would be located all over the U.S. in federal buildings and send home if pregnant or have been involved in criminal activity. No shows would be tracked down and deported on the spot. The border patrol would be put in charge of keeping track of immigrants on work visas and ICE would do work place enforcement. The INS would just screen immgrants wanting to become U.S. citizens legally.

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